26 February 2007

Decided I'd cheat and turn this into that meme

Noorster tagged me, yes she did, the Pox on her. I am doing this now bcs I have been lying in bed for 2 h and am still awake, lost 2 auctions on Ebay (though I managed to raise the price loads for the seller, that cheers me up considerably) and I suddenly thought of 2 things you don't know abt me. Actually three, thought of another one. Not that there's a whole lot left to tell after my 100-Odd Things post but Noorster.tagged.me.

1 - I bought one of these, wish me luck! [over 12 h now - they actually work better than gum. Less cravings. Of course, I'm still awake - but how could I possibly blame that on lack of fags.]

2 - A while ago I was watching an episode of Medical Investigation abt pox to call sleep, as we say [getting hoarse, getting hoarse]. There was this little girl whose family are ill and I suddenly realised her diction and face reminded me of one other actress. And behold!, google told me after some cross-referencing that she is the sister of the girl who plays Luke's daughter in Gilmore Girls, indeed.

3 - I am very good at guessing plots, even implausible ones. Back when I was a young adult and not the sort of person who will turn 40 in a few years I used to watch 90210 [in my defence, I wanted to punch in little Brandon's face even then]. I remember Dylan was talking to Brenda about what he had planned for her for their anniversary or something equally magnificent and he was telling her it was going to be special and warm and red and I knew they were going to donate blood.

4 - During another MI episode abt necrotising fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) I suddenly knew, while they were drawing blood from the staff, that the smiling, concerned twat being bled was the one causing the infections. Only I thought it was some sort of diffuse Muenchausen's but alas, she was an Angel of Death. Both sorts to be avoided at all costs.

5 - I just recently found out that Babette, the fat, short blonde with the raspy voice from Gilmore Girls was Gloria, from All in The Family. WHA?! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Again, I am excellent with faces and can always place actors even when they look quite different but this one absolutely threw me. And now all I can think is Of course it's Gloria!

6 - Despite what you have seen so far in this blog, I don't much care abt horses. I like to ride them and I think they're fabulously beautiful and I love watching championships on the telly and foals I'd like to gobble up and never digest bcs they're too adorable and I'm evolutionarily sound and fully epimeletic. But I don't much care for them in terms of veterinary medicine. We have an "optional subject" every semester. During one week that's all we learn abt, and at the end of that week we have, you guessed it, an exam. That is why it is rather hysterical, in the sobbing convulsively sense, that this semester's subject of mine is Equine Neonatology [process goes like this: we "choose" a few of the available ones in order of preference, we are assigned whatever the powers deem appropriate, I weep]. Now, I don't know much abt horses other than the fact that they taste smashing with sauerkraut but foals are a whole field in themselves, abt foals I know even less - if at all possible. Plus, I will never ever work with horses, it's just not a field I fancy at all, and they're finnicky little things so you can't just have a go. Which is why my spending a week learning abt how to anesthaetise foals and cut them open and suture them and ressuscitate them and tame them makes perfect sense.

7 - As a field to work in I don't much care for Large Animals, full stop, and I can only really see myself doing clinical work. I will never examine the fish you buy at the market. I will not be your friendly abattoir liaison. I will not do research [shoot me first] or work in a lab [ditto]. And I will leave husbandry problems to others. Which is why the fact that every single optional subject I've been assigned so far - three - was about Large Animals or husbandry or in one memorable case, both. They were interesting enough but blimey, is it too much to ask that I should be given Avian Rehab? Or Exotics? Or even, God forbid, some dog and cat-related subject? Yes. The one time I was assigned Alternative Medicines I had to miss it bcs by the time our schedule became known the London tripp was already paid for.

8 - I finished almost 6 weeks of exams and over 8 weeks of studying only last Friday. This Thursday we resumed classes and on Wednesday I'll be sitting the Optional exam - which is mandatory, in case you haven't been paying attention. Do you know, I've so missed writing exams. They make me a better person. It's true.

9 - I also remembered, quite fortunately, that on Friday, only 2 days after the Wednesday exam (well, obviously), I have to write the exam for the Alternative Medicine course I missed while in London. Imagine I hadn't?? Oh the humanity.

10 - Some of you asked me why I'm sure this can't be a pregnancy and why I haven't tested yet. I'm gently re-directing you to that which lies underneath my blog title. February, The Pestilent. How could I possibly get pregnant in February? And if I did, oh, remember last time? LALALALALA Ican'thearyou, your turn.


11 - Good God, how could I forget this?? I quit drinking Coke! I still once in a while outside the house but - I will have kidneys left by the time I'm 50! It happened like this: I was chez Shrimpy studying and asked her if she had milk so I could drink heavily diluted coffee (pure coffee's taste is too vile, too bitter). Wouldn't you rather have a cappuccino?, she asked me. What funny language thou speakest!, I replied, much puzzled - upon which she pulled a funny rectangular cardboard box from the shelf and changed my life. BUT, let it be known it must be Nescafe, none of this Delta shite for me, it's far too bitter. The side effect of this new-found healthy habit is, I am often thirsty. I never used to be - some truth to coke being almost isotonic, I suppose - and all this needing to actually drink water is a bit... unnerving. Not smoking, not drinking coke, passing exams - what, soon I'll be exercising? Oy.

12 - Still not sleeping though. Eh.

13 - Am ending it with 13 bcs it's my favourite and I like uneven numbers better. I could also add I found an Indian restaurant that serves the most fabulous okra. Okra, okra, okra. OKRA! Even the name is pretty. Oh I love veggies!

13 furballs:

Kath said...

I do wish you luck, my dear!

Anonymous said...

I was totally hoping the link was going to be to a Hello Kitty Vagina.


Sarah said...

I wish you very good luck.

I started smoking again--just one cigarette before scary nursing class, but I know it's just a matter of time before I'm back to my regular amount so must quit this madness. Antonio is also smoking again, but don't admit it to each other....we just walk in with smoke pouring off of us from having smoked 500 cigarettes in the car as fast as possible then driving the last mile with the window down as though it would make a difference.

If you don't like the patch, the gum is disgusting, but really works.

Diana said...

Smashing good luck!

You can beat this.

You must beat this.

Aurelia said...

Good luck, especially if you want to do the baby thing, my dear...again, it can't hurt to quit and it just might help. :)

Udge said...

Great big thrashing encouragements of nonsmokerism on their way to you!

brooksba said...

Best of luck! I hope it helps you kick the habit.

brooksba said...

You gave up Coke? The pretty red can? Of all the vices of all the world, that is the one I do truly think I would die without.

Bravo to you Dahling, you are my hero.

Manuela said...

"I don't know much abt horses other than the fact that they taste smashing with sauerkraut..."



Don't think I can talk to you for a while, because if I do, I might be horrified to learn that you like DOG with dumplings.

Diana said...

Or Cat with Capers?

And Nescafe? Please tell me that this is some lovely European Nescafe, and not that vile instant stuff they sell over here. Lie to me if you must.

CarpeDM said...

Please, for the love of God, be kidding about the horse with sauerkraut. Please. Because I might cry.

And yeah, the thing about giving up pop and then all of sudden discovering the joy that is water, yeah, that's kind of fun.

Okra! I love okra! But only if it is fried. I love veggies as well!

I wish you luck with the exams. Now go to sleep.

Aurelia said...

I love that your posts get rewritten and confusing, but in case someone finds this blog like 100 years from now and thinks I was replying in my original comment, to this post; I wasn't.

Less confused? Hope so...

Really you know, it makes sense that a lioness would eat horse, but why with sauerkraut?


Manuela said...

Aurelia... you're crazier than she is.