25 February 2007

Boob worry

Am a bit worried, my left boob has been bigger than my right one for 2 days now. I think I'm getting my period and my boobs often become very sore and even swollen and I think my left boob is a just tad bigger than the right one anyway but this is a new one. After googling the phenomenon I came across Inflammatory Breast Cancer which I didn't know existed, and I'm usually very well informed medically.

I don't really think I have it - though, bcs my mum had a mastectomy 8 years ago it's always a worry in the back of my mind - bcs both boobs hurt and I only have the one symptom, size increase - oh what am I saying, it's not a symptom, it's a bloody sign, very visibly so. I shouldn't be so unlucky. It doesn't often show on mammograms or ultrasounds and it most often grows in nests/sheets, not as a confined tumor. But I don't think all that many people know abt IBC, and even doctors very often seem to mistake it for mastitis and assume that if it hurts or is painful it can't be cancer. And that could be deadly, so here are the usual symptoms:

  • YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A LUMP TO HAVE BREAST CANCER [Note: cancerous lumps could still develop in as little as 3 weeks so see a dr. immediately if it happens.]

  • Rapid, unusual increase in breast size

  • Redness, rash, blotchiness on breast

  • Persistent itching of breast or nipple

  • Lump or thickening of breast tissue

  • Stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast

  • Feverish breast

  • Swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone

  • Dimpling or ridging of the breast

  • Flattening or retracting of nipple

  • A change in the way the skin of the breast, areola, or nipple looks or feels (for example, warm, swollen, red, or scaly)

Information saves lives.


13 furballs:

Kirkjerk said...

boy, fantastic, because you know, i was thinking that you didn't have enough concerns and/or anxiety producing elements in your life. But at least you have enough smarts to be proactive about stuff like this...

noorster said...

Oh my. Get yourself to a doctor, like, now.

Manuela said...

Shall I arrange for Attila to come feel your breasts??

brooksba said...

I do agree with Noorster. Please go get checked.

Now that you've researched this, I have a question. How do doctors find this? Will it show up in a mammogram? Or do they have to do a MRI?

I hope you are okay. I'm thinking of you.

JennaM said...

Okay, yeah, get checked. But it's ONE symptom. No panicking yet, okay? You've got enough to worry the edges of while you get some more concrete analysis.


Kath said...

Dear Lioness, far be it from me to put less terrifying ideas into your head (because wo kämen wir da hin? as the Germans love to say), but... could there be a, you know, *happier* explanation? (This is, I suspect, what Manuela was referring to...)

Patti said...

My boobs swelled and swelled and swelled during pregnancy. By the end, they were the size of footballs.

Lioness said...

Kirk, well, I am a bit worried bcs pf family history but I'll wait for my period. I'll see what happens after that, if it remains the same off to the dr I go.

Noors, both boobs hurt, both look the same, only one is a bit bigger. See above.

Manuela, people not being able to read your post pertaining to kind offer - how odd would I sound if I said yes?? But yes, please. ASAP.

Beth, a mammogram may show changes in tissue etc but then, as far as I understood it, a biopsy needs to be done.

Jenna, am not really panicky bcs of impeding period and both boobs being alike except for size. besides, it's happened before, only not as much.

Kath, I've thought of that as well but does pregnancy really give women different-sized breasts? I couldn't find anything anywheren - and believe me, I've googled it all.

Patti, hi, and thanks for the comment - but your use of plural leads me to believe they ballooned simultaneously, yes? I have one rogue boob, that's the thing.

mercurial scribe said...

Hrm... how does one know if one has a "feverish breast"? Just curious.

Despite my playfulness, you are right: better informed than ignorant. Hopefully all is well and you're just being hypersensitive. Here's to hoping...

Kath said...

Dear Lioness, to answer your question, pregnancy doesn't really "give" people different-sized breasts, but the rate of growth can be different. Most people have different-sized breasts anyway, and I suspect the slightly larger one gets more "pumpage" faster (it seemed to with me, anyway).

I think you are probably wise to wait for your period, and then see. It shouldn't be coming for another few days, right?

Aurelia said...

It's probably nothing, as I've read your update, but please go get checked anyway. It can't hurt, it might help, and maybe the Doctor will be good-looking, right?

noorster said...

Or female.

CarpeDM said...

Oh, great, like I haven't enough to worry about. After I've ducked out of several mammograms (lalalala, I can't hear you yell at me from Portugal), now I'm going to worry about this.

And, yes, thanks for making me snort water out of my nose because of the rogue boob update.