04 February 2007

And this is why The Dark Destroyer is still alive

How can you call this spooky?

For shame, Udge! *SOB*

My little Hum-Hum is lovely. She's dark brown actually - hence the name, means brown-brown in Hebrew
[pronounce the H like a Spanish J] - and barely possessed. Or not anymore. And that is why I am still breathing.

11 furballs:

Lilian said...

I love the way his eyes in the photo are the very same green as the bean chair -- one of my favorite colors, BTW. I also love black cats!

Yeah, you rule, your majesty.

Diana said...

Do you ever wonder which comes first? The little black cat or the little black cat personality. I mean, are they a product or the cause of their chaos?

Mine is lurking somewhere, ready to try to make off with one or more of my toes.

Udge said...


Kristin said...

Very cool kitty...my son wants to know his name.

Anonymous said...

Please tell the Tripod that I think she looks absolutely adorable in this picture, however commanding and menacing she may be pretending to be. Great shot -- it makes me miss the whole menagerie (you and Loverboy included) and your apartment and your scary water heater all over again.

We'll be back there to visit just as soon as the Powers That Be have processed our paperwork... hopefully before the next oppressive Lisbon heat wave.

Much love from the mini-menagerie on the other side of the world!


Anonymous said...

PS I know how much you hate typos. See title of this post.

Udge said...

I stand by my be-spookedness: the eyes of the second photo are clearly those of a schemer and a plotter of cunning plans, pretending to be asleep. But I'm sure it will be mutual love-at-first-sight when we do meet.

brooksba said...

Oh! I miss her. And her sisters. And you. She's so sweet.

CarpeDM said...

Oh, Hum-Hum, I miss you. You and your "mouse" and your sneaking out of the bathtub when I'm in the bathroom and scaring me to death. Your graceful hopping.

I want to be Portugal right now. I'm thinking it's probably not -16 Celsius there. Stupid Minnesota. Miss you.

mANUELA said...

Spooky? How could someone get spooky out of that sweet face?!

Udge said...

In my defence, Manuela, the "spooky" was an older comment referring to the upper photo which was originally alone. Lioness posted the second as a responsed to my bespookedness.