19 January 2007

So mind-blowing...

[PLEASE SEE LINKS FOR FATAL FOODS AT BOTTOM][Udge, please see taquithingy in text pls]... that I had to come in immediately and report:

Unlike in humans, tamoxifen has oestrogenic activity in the bitch! Seriously! It does!

Mind-blowing.[Tamoxifen is anti-oestrogenic in humans, my mum took it for 5 years after her mastectomy bcs, simply put, most breast cancers are sensitive to oestrogen. We don't want that.]

Or not, when you think of what happens when you give dogs and cats paracetamol or ibuprofen. Or chocolate. Or onions/grapes/raisins/salmon. Oh the pet-killing possibilities are endless.

Am studying for Reproduction (and oh, that calf exam from below? Must repeat, had a 9/20. One more and I'd have passed. Suppose that's par for the curse course when one wrings one's hands for 3 days and lalalas in self-pity instead of actually studying so serves one right. Meh. But the calf looks healthy, yes? That's all that matters really.) - from the top, am studying for Reproduction/Obstetrics and do I want to throw myself in the river, oh do I. I actually love some of it (dystocia being my favourite subject) but to memorise all those different hormone concentrations for all species at all moments is a bleeding bitch, no pro-oestrus pun intended (simply bcs none of you will get it) [NOTE: Blogger is a mess and won't let me open comments, among other things, so: what I meant was, unless you're studying to be a vet/are one chances are you won't find the pro-oestrus bit funny. THAT's the bit. Here's what I was talking abt.](Sadly, for when I think abt it I find it quite inspired) (or I would, were I not panicking) (oh, which I very much am) (so much so I cannot even reply to comments right now bcs it takes me ages, bear w me) (bcs see, what happens when you fail an exam is that you must re-write it and THAT means all of a sudden you will not have all those free days - or at least 2 - in btwn 2 exams and all of a sudden you realise you have fucked up your exam seasons spectacularly, so much so that even after taking a Stilnox - beloved sleep-inducing pill - to counteract recent up-till-6am-insomnia last night and feeling distinctly vertiginous and befogged and weak of leg, all signs that it was working, you still found yourself up till 5 am, why oh why) (all the coming exams are characterised by the teachers' remarkable and optimistic faith in our bulk memorising capacities. Sweet, if horrific and more than a bit untrue in my case.) (Taquipnoea)(Help) (the reason you could not find it in the dictionary was, I spelt it wrong - it means hyperventilating)

Be that as it may, people, people, PEOPLE, spay your females [and neuter your males while at it], it's simply not worth it giving them those horrid side-effects from drugs when an ovariohysterectomy/ovariectomy (NEVER leave the ovaries, uterus may remain) is so effective and protects them from cancer and infections as well as prosthatic/testicular cancer in the male.

Why ever would you choose not to? No, really, I'd like to know. There are so many misconceptions regarding it I'd like to know what the reasons can actually be. And bcs there are all these thousands reading me it will actually be statistically significant.

Pi Square and love and healthy lochias all around.

NOTE: What gives me hope, what makes me study with renewed vigor is that some day, SOME DAY, that hand will be mine. My VERY hand! Oy yey!

NOTE II: Am feeling all mooshy and teary and at peace with mankind, gosh but I love this pilot, he saved this poor deer trapped on thin ice by literally blowing the animal away onto solid ground. You can see it here. *HAPPY SOB*

NOTE III: re POSSIBLE FATAL EFFECTS see these link for some of the foods, household flowers, plants and fruits et al(what applies to dogs applies to cats as well mostly): this one is brilliant and tells you what anti-freeze, which tastes sweet, can do to your animals too (it's horrible, please read)(blogger IS a mess, have to do the linking by hand)(I'm a geek, I'm a geek, yey!); more flowers; flowers and cats; birds; household products and when it's safe to induce vomiting.

Also, wath out for citronella candles (aromatic candles in general), potpourri, algae in ponds, batteries, rat bait, fabric softener sheets, mothballs, toys with detachable bits, yarn, string, rubber bands, coins (it's like living with permanent toddlers isn't it). The first link also has a few useful links on the sidebar. It really is too dangerous not to know, please take a look. And of course, it goes without saying that you must NEVER give your dog human drugs bfr checking w your vet bcs they really can kill them (one Advil/Nurofen tablet is enough to kill a cat, for instance).

12 furballs:

CarpeDM said...

I would like to know how it is possible for you to post about something I don't understand at all and still make me giggle.

I think it was the tiny Help after Taquipnoeia that did it.

Good luck to you on the tests, dahling.

brooksba said...

I would be more than willing to lend you all my memory cells if they would help. Good god woman, how do you do it?

And actually, the bleeding bitch pun is quite great. Best of luck with the exams, I'll be thinking of you.

Aurelia said...

Yep, I got the bleeding bitch pun too.
Soooo, study away and life will be good.
I don't own any animals, but a few people have told me that they want to breed their dogs/cats so they keep all their parts.
Several others have told me that they can't afford the operation, which I think is stupid. Really, why have an animal if you can't afford to take care of it?

Kristin said...

Oh ye of little faith...I too got the pun!

Best of luck on all the exams dear!

Meri-ann said...

After reading that post I just feel stupid- I know there is some stuff in there that I should understand, but I just don't :)

Oh, and I saw the footage about the deer on the news the other night, and I had tears in my eyes with the happiness of it all!

Pange said...

Okay, I didn't understand most (any) of your post, but I think it was brilliant. And my dog is neutered so that makes me brilliant too right?

Yes, I'm kidding. :)

Janine said...

Hi Lioness, just wanted to say "here I am!" (and why can't cats eat chocolate?) I've always neutered my male cats but I must admit I've always felt a bit sorry for them too. What a baby I am!

Udge said...

Would you believe that google has never heard of "Taquipnoeia"?

Good luck with the exams and the sleeping.

noorster said...

I've just got my cat neutered, my two cats back at home are spayed, hell, even my dog has had his balls taken away from him (he had a tumor, as you may remember) - so I believe I've done my sacred duty of de-sexing every step of the way. It prevents annoyances such as spraying or heat alright, but I still don't quite get how it prevents cancer. Please explain when exams are over and you have time.

RE deer footage, OMG that deer is sooooo cute! I hope s/he's okay, we never got to see him/her actually stand up.

Panda said...

Yes yes, neuter your pets!

And of COURSE I got the pun. *rolls eyes*

Good god woman, you're blathering again.

Manuela said...

What?! What?! Onions? Salmon? Oh shit, oh shit... what about onion-ish things, like... chives, garlic... and salmon??? Why SALMON!

I'm stressing. Must go research.

Udge said...

Ah, yes, thank you.