11 January 2007

De-lurking week

Hi you lot! *cheery wave*

See the title up there?

The only reason I'm writing a post abt it is, I just recently went to another wake (didn't miscarry this time - the friend I was with when I got my period last time [HA!] was there as well and at some point I remarked upon it and she said she had thougth abt it already but wasn't sure she should bring it up but why the bloody hell not, it's an improvement!) (I only go to wakes now if I can at all help it, after Uzi's coffin, so so big - at least he was more or less whole if his height was intact - it is all a bit more than I can handle - eh, let's change the subject quickly).

We stood there chatting and my friends and I were talking about the tradition of bringing flowers to the dead and how much nicer it would have been to receive them while still retaining the ability to see and smell, and we all agreed that if anything happened to us our friends should skip the horrid flowers arrangement (and the horrid wake) and go get thoroughly pissed in our honour, and finding out it's delurking week led me to think abt, as I so often have,

how people mostly come out of lurkdom when something awful happens and I understand why that is, it's the ultimate social des-inhibitor, but wouldn't it be much nicer to apropriately see and smell the comments outside of the grief area?

If you're a bit contrary you migth ask Well, that's very good coming from YOU, you Portie person who disappears for weeks, if not months, and are terribly inept at even answering your comments, what have you got to say for yourself? Well, I'd say I have delurked recently, and was met with absolute indiference, though indiference migth be too optimistic a description even. *SOB* I'd also have to say I'm a vet student, IN PORTUGAL, doesn't that tug at your heart strings? We have exams 2 months in a row! Twice a year! And exams during the Easter holidays! And I put on loads of weight since that last period and can no longer eat acidic food bcs my smooth muscle seems to have been permanently progesterone-buggered, along with my gallbladder! And I can't fit into my pants anymore - and can't seem to find new ones either!

It's all very dramatic really.

Now I'll go back to studying for the exam tomorrow, like this: if any of you is, say, walking by the side of the road and happens to find a robust albeit verlost calf and is fretting abt how to house it and will it miss its mummy - please know that it's good for calves to start eating solid foods even while nursing so as to help mature their stomachs, and that cows literally have a thick hide, as anyone who's ever had to inject one will tell you (*wipes tears, good times*), and it's perfectly all rigth to put up a big doggy house and either fence the calf in or tie it to a long rope and let it roam. Vet school at your service, always.

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Diana said...

Once, again, dahling, you manage to hit the nail squarely on its little round head. I'm guessing that for many who lurk (including the former person known as 'me') it's easier to say something when trying to comfort than to respond to something day-to-day. Especially when you just can't come up with anything sparkling to match the post.

And don't you hate it when all your pants suddenly shrink, all at once? Even when they've not been recently washed? I think funding needs to be developed to find out what this contageous pants-wasting disease is and what can be done about it. So sad for all, especially the load of pants I've just taken to the hospice that is the local Salvation Army drop-off site, as there was no hope of their regaining their original dimensions as it'd been over 2 years and they just seemed to be shrinking more and more.


Lioness said...

Diana, I've just recently got an email that said: "CALORIES - those little animals that live in people's closets and shrink their clothes during the night."


(can't bear to think what time it is there, 6 am? 5? 4.30? Ahem.)

CarpeDM said...

I am stunned. Only you could go from wakes to boarding cows in dog houses. I have to say bravo. You amaze me.

My pants are starting not to fit either. The rat bastards.

silene said...

I am glad to know I am not the only one with pants-wasting disease in my closet. And coupled with the inability to find suitable ones, that fit properly, in any store it's quite the handicap. You can imagine my panic when my luggage was recently held hostage for a week at Heathrow WITH ALL OF MY PANTS save the one pair I had worn on the plane (because I don't like them) and for many days I was not sure that I would ever see them again... I'm not entirely over the trauma, as you can see.

For 2007 I wish us all beautiful pants that always fit just right and that can be found in any store!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I write you and you don't write me back. So who is the one met with indifference, hmmm?


Ms. Krieger said...

No better reason to de-lurk than to talk fashion, eh?

So: when pants shrink I go shopping. In fact, it happens to be highly fashionable (on the East Coast of the US, at least) to go around not wearing any pants at all! There are lots of lovely girls running about in tights and boots topped off with a sweater that barely reaches their hips. (wish I could post a picture but it would be indecent. Just stand on any NYC street and gaze about.)

Or, for a more modest look, try a smock (veterinary school lab coat, maybe?) over bright-colored tights, it's cute and pant-free!

(a little pant rant from an east coast lurker who absolutely adores the lioness and worries about her when she disappears or is unhappy.)

Ed said...

Just so I can be clear about this, are we talking about the American version of pants here, or the British? For the benefit of American readers, in Britain pants are underwear (ie pants = panties for ladies). So pant-free would be somewhat risqué. :)

And I'll be sure to file away that very useful advice the next time I come across a stray calf.

brooksba said...

I love it when you visit and comment. And I love it when I see a new post from you! I pulled your site up today and had an instant smile. You are brilliant, comparing comments to flowers and ending with a cow in a dog house. Brilliant! Love you!

Oh, after a year and a half of this new job, I've gone through the "my jeans are shrinking!" stage of life.


Jay said...

De-lurking. is it really officially de-lurking week? I'm in. It was wonderful to hear from you. i shall post something, in honor of hearing from you. its been a long time. too long, perhaps. but, perhaps not.

Kristin said...

The shrinking pants syndrome SUCKS. Mine did that for a long long time.

Udge said...

Oddly enough, I met a robust but orphaned calf by the side of the road just the other day. Had I but known then of your good advice, I wouldn't have had to shoot it. Mind you, it tasted great.

happy delurkings!

Aurelia said...

I have to confess, many blogs I read, I stay lurked because I know if they come to my blog, they will think I am a freak of monstrous proportions, and hate me on sight.
To a new mom with a perfect pregnancy, and cute kid, I would be the nightmare IF/miscarriage lady.
On some political blogs I read, they can't stand any mention of personal stuff, so I've made up another fake ID to go with my persona. I only come out when I know someone has some personal stuff too, and might relate.
I had looked at your blog a few months back, but you didn't seem to post much, sooo, I waited.
And now I can learn about cows and stuff.

Kath said...

To the shrinking pants problem, I can relate. To the what-to-do-with-stray-calves problem, not so much. That I'm writing my sentences backwards, have you noticed?

Wishing you all the best of luck for the, ahem, project you alluded to in your last post. Beijos!

Lioness said...

NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!! Lost all my replies! Oh sod it bugger it bloody hell. Give me some time now to re-do, ichs! Bloody bloody bloody hell.

Panda said...

Its bloody blogger, it is.

I was wondering what the hell to do with those little cowlings that had been left out for hard rubbish collection. Now I know. Cheers!

Meri-ann said...

I hate blogger, on most blogger blogs I can't leave my wordpress signature,so have to use my old blogger one. Totally cheeses me off.
My pants cheese me off too.

You don't- you I lurve.... x

Nancy said...

Can't delurk. Ain't usually lurking. Am often working...

G. said...

Okay. I'll delurk, but I did comment once a million years ago when you were coming to Toronto. Have been reading for ages, have been miserable along with you for every bad thing that's happened. Originally picked up your link from a comment you left on in infertile blog.

Best of luck.

melisse said...

oh, holy hell. I just wrote a long "I'll delurk now, for the moment" post and somehow it disappeared.

I don't remember what all I said, but I'm pretty sure it was truly inspired. Oh well.

I found you through manuela's blog, which I started reading the day after she lost shoelet (and which, as of today, I can no longer get to with a password?! I'm so sad!)

I think your description of when we tend to delurk, whether in real life or out here, was so interesting and so true. My friend once told me that I was a "foul weather friend", that I was a great friend to her during a crisis, but that I sucked at the day-to-day. I couldn't argue with her observation, because it was absolutely accurate.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to read your thoughts - they are always interesting, often amusing and sometimes heart breaking. So, thanks.

Kirkjerk said...

I just noticed your lil' bit of delurk on kisrael and then saw this post so I figured I'd return the favor.

I'm always delighted when I see an indication that people are keeping up in some fashion w/ my site, especially since I started doing it before there were easy ways to conglomerate blogs ala Livejournals and what not.

It seems the who pregnancy issue is much on your mind. I know definitely I've not yet made my peace with fatherhood, and those times when I'm in a relationship, period-ish irregularities scare the bejeebers out of me. I don't know how much of this is a typical man-child can't bear life not being the "me show" anymore, and how much is just the fear of screwing it up and/or not being able to protect a loved one I created from all the bad shit in the world.

For what it's worth, which isn't a whole lot, I actually am a single guy again, though have avoided mentioning it on my site at the request of the ex. But I just wanted to close with, if I could find a gal who A. seemed consistently interested in me and B. wrote with 2/3 the guts and fury you do, well, that would be love.