26 January 2007


  • I've just got home, and it's 3 am
  • I've been studying with my two doctor friends out of convenience and necessity. Studying with friends who not only are doctors but actually teach Physiology and Pathophysiology is simply amazing. It's like having your own little talking encyclopaedia. Sometimes they're so brilliant I want to squeal. Sometimes I do.
  • I've fallen in love with uraemic syndrome - it's BEAUTIFUL. The way things start clicking into place and you all of a sudden understand - you know - why everything works that way it does is like being handed a small, fragile universe every single time.
  • But I've just got home and it's 3 am.
  • The exam won't be till the 31st.
  • Lovely as the pathophysiology of uraemic syndrome is this barely qualifies as a life and somewhere in that small, fragile universe the natives must be laughing their pendulous little arses off.

6 furballs:

Aurelia said...

Well, I'm impressed you are studying and dedicated and all. Just seriously ignore the period stuff.

CarpeDM said...

You amaze me. I love how excited you get about medical procedures and even though I have no clue what you're talking about half the time, just knowing you makes me feel completely cool. Adoro-te.

The description of your greeting to Loverboy amuses me and makes me incredibly wistful.

Those rat bastards. How dare they!

brooksba said...

Your dedication to studying is amazing. You do amaze me. Doctor friends are important to have and what a good way to study!

I love your description of when you do get to be with Loverboy. How sweet! I hope you get to be with him more.

I'm thinking of you. Beijos!

Diana said...

Now, just be very, very careful not to bump your head or all that beautiful understanding will shatter like a beautiful crystal.

At least that's what happens to me...

Manuela said...

Oh, sweety. I'm just feeling all mushy and emotional today... do you know what my greatest wish for you and I as friends is??? Do yoU??

I would love NOTHING more on the whole entire FUCKING PLANET than for you and I to be able to compare bitchy, whiny, pregnancy stories together.

Darling... I truly do love you. I do.

JoeinVegas said...

Well, it's a little late, but hope you did well on your exams today - and ones to come in the future. And hopefully and end to them eventually.