22 January 2007

Another one failed

Really, I don't know what to do. The exam today - how can I explain this? It was multiple choice and fill in the blanks, with maybe 3-4 questions maximum that required an answer. Some of the latter I did not know bcs who the bloody hell can understand the mare cycle, certainly not me. The rest? Well, the multiple choice had one-several right answers, and you got no score unless you chose everything right. EVERY SINGLE OPTION. Same for the blanks.

I studied like a possessed entity for this exam and it was not enough. I imagine I'll have a 5, 6 with luck. Out of 20. We need 10 to pass. What an awful, blood-curling exam and wtf are these evaluation rules, penalising us every step of the way. I have a particular hard time with this subject (Reproduction & Obstetrics) bcs a) memorising anything that are not events and faces is hard for me, if only you knew how much I fancy the back of Neo's neck [oh all right, the rest of Neo as well] b)I am simply rotten at memorising tiny details and this is what most of it is based on, say, on day 3 of oestrus what is the seric concentration of P4, and what happens to E2 in the middle of dioestrus, and where does the embrionary vesicle attach itself and on what day, and if a morula sneezes and no one is around to hear it does it make a bloody sound.

All the coming exams - ahh, don't even know where to start.

Medicine - 31st Jan. We need abt 15 days to memorise everything, I have 7 IF I choose to dump Reproduction right away and not do the lab exam, and why would I do it, I need to pass the theory as well. Anyway, 7 days. SEVEN.

Parasitic Diseases - 1st Febr Theory/Lab; 2nd February Lab (a Saturday, mind). Notice the overlap? How can I possibly study for this one? Shoved to September, there it goes. [September exam count: 2]

The Calf One - 5th Febr, no lab. This one I could pass with a bit more effort than I put in last time, but. BUT. It so happens that this one:

Infectious Diseases - is on the 7th and 8th Febr. Now, this one also requires a lot of studying, we need to memorise everything abt 22 diseases, if I'm not mistaken, plus the lab material. Oh yes, and the Epidemiology bit, which is a horror movie in itself since my brain is not wired that way, it absolutely isn't, and even tough I know there's a difference between 2p and p square if we're translating Portuguese into equations or whatever it is there's no reason, in my mind, why the one should be write. It's a language I absolutely have no capacity to speak. Anyway this means I am left with 6 days only btwn Medicine and this exam. Which means that if I do write the calf exam I'll be going in with less knowledge than last time bcs I'll have forgotten a few things, of course, so - brill. Calf shoved to September. [September exam count: 3]

Surgical Pathology, the last one - 16th Febr. Also another big one, have not even looked at the books yet, have no clue what it's abt. Surgery, I suppose.

That leaves Reproduction, and I am inclined to leave it for next year already bcs I sense, since I know me and my memory capacity, that this one will require, much like Histology where God also live in the details and footnotes, a study period starting 3 months before the actual exam. Also, if I leave it for next year I will be able to do a written lab exam, which not only is my preferred medium but also takes place bfr the exams. The con is, of course, that I will have one extra subject AND I still have a whole semester ahead of me, so nothing, absolutely nothing can go wrong next semester. Fuck, I worked so hard not to have any subjects left behind and 27 exams later plus the ones from this year here we are.

Please don't tell me I can do it, if I could do it I'd have done it already wouldn't I, and instead I have managed to fail every single exam till now. I just don't know how I am going to do this, I truly don't. What should I do? Feel free to ad lib, I could use some cheering up, because vet school makes me feel like I'm perpetually at the end of this:

Anyway, after the Surgical thingy we have a small holiday bcs it's Carnaval.
Carnaval. Can barely control my excitement. I'll be a RAM upgrade this year, I think, that way I can both prevent boob hypothermia and look smug.

Eh. I passed. HOW??

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Diana said...

Gah. Dahling. There's no way I'm going to put my foot in the middle of that travesty called 'the exams schedule for vet students'.

Forget how YOU can do it, how can anyone do it? Insanity for which you are paying money, I say. So sorry. Have a chat with the Supreme Being of your choicd and see if the next time around you can't get a saner calling. Say...I dunno...concrete mixing or something.

On to nicer things. Carnivale. More about Carnivale, please.

As time permits, of course.

Lioness said...

So you don't think I am particularly stupid? Bcs I certainly feel it.

What "Carnivale", Diana? Ain't going nowhere. Ever.

brooksba said...

Dahling, I don't know what to say. How? I admire your dedication to schooling. I could never do what you are doing.

That picture is disturbing, to say the least.

I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Wish I could do more.

Udge said...

Oh, cycles are easy: you just have to keep pedalling, if you stop it falls over.

Glad to be able to help.

noorster said...

Short video clip mildly related to your trials and tribulations. To cheer you up.

Janine said...

Well, you're alot braver than me, I would've thrown in the towel long ago. I'm allergic to studying. I hope somehow you DO do it. Maybe you'll shock yourself? (hopefully!)
He he, I love the tattoo, might get me one of those! Not...

Anonymous said...

Re: that picture. No. No no no. No no no no no no. Make it go away. No.


PS If you choose to be a large animal vet, you just might be at the end of that someday. More than once. There's no accounting for people's callings.

Ana said...

Oh how I admire your dedication! Can you believe sometimes I have this nightmare where I have an exam and I haven’t studied for it and know absolutely nothing and I feel terrified and my heart is running… it’s horrible and I always wake up feeling lousy. And I’ve been out of school for almost 6 years now! You are my hero, honest!

Lord Chimmy said...

One of these days all those exams will be over. Keep your chin up. You're going further with your education than most people. I couldn't tell you anything about any cycle. Well, maybe a motorcycle, but that ain't going to get me through vet school.

Kristin said...

"I'll be a RAM upgrade this year, I think, that way I can both prevent boob hypothermia and look smug."

This comment had me ROFL. Even when you are frustrated/tense you are funny as hell.

"So you don't think I am particularly stupid? Bcs I certainly feel it."

Hell no you aren't stupid. Think of it this way...people who go to medical school have to learn what you do but for only one species. You have to learn all the crappola that MDs learn but for a multitude of species. Y'all are the rock stars of the medical world (or you should be).

Kath said...

Oh, Lioness, this post has me applying cold compresses to my head -- how horrifying and anxiety-provoking your exam schedule is! I'm so sorry about the failing and the snowballing desperation...

But NO you are nowhere near stupid, my dear. You and stupid, in fact, are only on the same planet by sheer dint of there being only one planet on offer at the moment. Otherwise you'd almost certainly be in different solar systems, stupid and you.