29 December 2006

Oh no, NOT AT ALL.

If I were in the mood to utter platitudes, and tonight might just be rife for that bcs I am avoiding sleep, sleep is not a friend bcs I dream and oh how I wish I did not, not that I have any reason to have nightmares NO NO NO, NOTHING HAPPENED, NO ONE DIED, BYGONES - if I were in that sort of mood I might pontificate on how the worlds we move in can be staggeringly simple or excruciatingly

We ask life truly impossible questions at times. Life doesn't really talk all that much at times. Sometimes, though, we travel easy paths, say when we find a nice, friendly vet book on Ebay and email the American seller asking whether they'd consider shipping the nice, friendly vet book to Portugal.

And yet, bless:
As an Anthropologist, it truly was a privilege to have been able to locate one of the sources of European cultural prejudice.

Happy New Year, dahlings, may 2007 be filled with life and health and kindness!

[I dedicate this to my friend and fellow Anthropologist V., who is too busy getting married as we speak to bother reading it. Mazel tov!]

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Lilian said...

Oh dear, hope you're not still awake... As for your questions, I know it doesn't help much, but I have a feeling you will get pregnant and stay pregnant. I do know several women whose first pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Actually, every New Year's reminds me of that. Five years ago, we were spending Christmas with all of my husband's family (like this year) at our home, and my sister-in-law, who was 8 weeks pregnant (with a much wanted "baby" that had even received Christmas presents), started miscarrying on New Year's.

Oh, yeah, sure, Portugual is a city in Texas, right, like Paris, TX?

brooksba said...

Hee hee! Oh, that made my day! Did they happen to ask if Portugal was in the "country" of Europe? Or better yet, what "state" is that in? Because you know I love those questions so. Hee hee!

Love you Dahling!

Magnificent Trout said...

Might it be some comfort to you to know that the inhabitants of that aforementioned great country are often surprised at how little difficulty we Australians have in understanding English?

JoeinVegas said...

But you never said - does it have a zip code?

Aurelia said...

Try living in Canada right next door...definitely an adventure

CarpeDM said...

Oh, gosh, this brings back memories of looking at Beth's website and saying "Who is this Lioness? Damn, she's cool!" I wish Portugal had a Minnesota zip code, personally, because you'd be right here and I could give you a big old hug but I think you'd hate our weather right now.

Miss you. Thinking of you lots.

Manuela said...

Oh, dahling... as for the pregnancy questions? Oy. I know you don't want MY twisted take on these things.

As for the zip code? Oh, lordy, do you remember the tizzy over international dialling codes over at Tertia's last year? You may just start a FLAME war here. You do walk the line of controversy don't you? chuckle. Let me add to it. I once heard an American, in downtown Vancouver, ask a hotel clerk if said hotel accepted Canadian currency or would he have to convert it to American dollars.

Lioness said...

Lilian, it's good that you have that feeling, I do not. Not only was i told I'd have a hard time conceiving, which was true enough if you consider the amount of condom breakery that has happened to me, but the one time I was pregnant - well, it was lovely. We'll see.

Beth, more often than not Portugal is the capital of Spain, or Brazil. We actually had an exchange student who arrived at the airport and couldn't walk for sheer amazement that we even had an airport! And the women weren't all dressed in black! And look, cornflakes! Cars! Seriously.

MT, ooh thank you, THAT is priceless! I'd ask you if you were joking but alas, no need. Hysterical!

Joe, as you and your fellow countrymen would say, you crack me up!

Aurelia, hi! Really?? Oh tells us more, please, really!

Dana, yes, I'd be right there and frozen to death so what good would I be. No, the US must have a Lisbon code, that's the way to do it. Will always be grateful for that twat for bringing us together!

Manuela, seriously, I sometimes think they do it on purpose bcs it's just too, well, stupid really. Don't flame me, flame the bellybutton-centred idiots. Bloody hell flame me if need be, thick hide and all that. And i do have my own twisted take as well so maybe our takes should meet. Cuppa?

Susie said...

Hello, dear lioness. You came to mind this week, and I just wanted to come over and say so. I visited here a bit. I am so sorry for your loss earlier in the year. I wish you every happiness and only joyful surprises in the coming year.

Kristin said...

May your New Year be filled with life, health, and HOPE!

portuguesa nova said...

Muahaha. I love it!!

I'm coming to Portugal sometime in June, July, August or September and again in december. We must meet for my 2nd favorite Portuguese meal (1st favorite: cod, not boiled): 6 bicas and 20 cigarettes at Almada Forum.

Smoking at the mall!! And they say America's the greatest country in the world...zip codes (US zipcodes) ain't nothin' compared to smoking at the mall.

I hope you'll be all fat and such by this time and unable to indulge in both courses of the meal. (I have a premonition it is gonna happen for you.)

My sogros have been here two weeks now. It has been gloomy, cloudy and freezing every day. We live in the middle of suburban nowhere. They do not drive and if they did, we live close to nothing interesting. You cannot imagine the depression that exists in this home currently. They claim that they never expect to go this long for the rest of their lives without seeing the sun. They are also doing a lot of roundabout Americabashing:

"Do Americans like fresh foods?" (said while scarfing down a bag of Doritos)

"Don't Americans like traveling to places like Brazil or Egypt?...in addition to Las Vegas and Orlando, that is?" (Who needs Brazil when California is full of Mexicans. Same difference, right?)

Then there are a lot of Believe it Or Not style scientific revelations:

"Take one more bite of that potato skin and you'll be dead from all the chemicals by the end of the night!" (She teaches chemistry and biology.)

"If you knew how dangerous it was to drink water with so many ice cubes in it, you wouldn't go within five meters of that water glass." (You should've seen them when I started eating the ice.)

And of course, the selective tidbits of everyday experience that exhibit why Portugal is a better place:

"Too expensive here! Fresh pineapple, movie tickets and a good pair of supportive underwear: all 2000 escudos!" (What exchange rate are they using for a currency that hasn't existed in a decade, anyway?)

"Too reliant on technology for entertainment here! These two have a computer in every room of the house, an entire floor that they never use, 300 channels on t.v. and a remote control for their oven...yet they have to drive 12 hours to see the ocean!" (I'm confused.)

And let's not forget the non-geographically specific "my son deserves a better housewife" stuff:

"We make sure Isilda (maid of 30 years) cleans our bathroom floors with an anti-bacterial cleanser twice a day." (Why didn't you bring her along?)

"Carpet is like a petri dish if not vacuumed every day." (ISIIIIIILDA!!!!)

"Do the majority of Americans make the bed every day?" (Only if they are named Isilda.)

This makes it seem like I am offended by your post and am counterbashing. I am not. I'm merely on sogro overload and cannot post it on my own blog nor risk e-mailing it.

I feel much better now.

Boa ano novo!!!!

Ana said...

I have been trying to comment for an eternity.
Happy new year my friend! May this be a great year for both of us!

Lioness said...

Susie, hallo!! I am so happy you commented, I lost all my bookmarks and couldn't remember what your blog was called, googling "Suzie" is worthless, did you know? Thank you for thinking of me, what a nice surprise to see you here. May your year be exactly as you want it to be.

Kristin dahling, hi! Hey everyone, it's a reunion! I like the hope bit, oh I do like it. Have a wonderful year yourself!

Portuguesinha, would you like to do a guest blog post here to unload aggro off your chest? It should be easy to remain anon, and you can remove my link from your blog and be pefectly safe. Email me if you want to. Your stories are hilarious and really, I do not know what they're talking abt - and it is commendable how you haven't throttled anyone yet. I'll have you know your Matilda NEEDS germs in order to have a perfectly healthy immune system, lock Isilda in the pantry when you come.

Ana, my life is not the same when your fams are not in crisis, and there's so many of them and it was Christmas, are you sure nothing worth blogging happened? Make an effort! Feliz Ano novo, again, it bears repeating.

no milk said...

hope you have a wonderful 2007! best wishes!