10 December 2006

Guess where, guess what, guess when!

[Caetano Veloso, with a kiss to Lilian]

Also, for the hormonal amongst you, some RPM Brazilian hotness from the 80's, mullet and all:

And simply because I love them and am trying to broaden your cultural horizons, Legi*ão Ur*bana. The singer died of AID*S years ago and I still cannot believe he will sing no more.

I, dahlings, am off to London London in a few hours, see you Sunday. I fully expect you to have learnt this Las Ke*tchup coreography by then, no excuses (I want the little black dress in the middle). Don't let me NOT see those hips shaking, people. Sex it up.

9 furballs:

noorster said...

I know what, now I know when! WOO-HOO!

Diana said...

Bah. Won't play at work. Must wait for home. Bah.

brooksba said...

Have a lovely time in London! I'll be thinking of you (and extremely jealous of being in LONDON!) I don't quite get the videos, but I'll learn. Miss you Dahling!

Lioness said...

All right you lot, the first one is Caetano Veloso singing "London London". The second one is a cover of the same song. The third one is from this Brazilian band I absolutely love, his voice is amazing. The fourth one is a Spanish band and also your homework.

Don't let me see you NOT shake tose hips.

CarpeDM said...

Well, I hope you have a great time. And, please, my hips don't shake for anyone. As much as I adore you, not going to happen. I'm so jealous. I want to go to London.

Lilian said...

Have a great trip to London London! I hope you can see some flying saucers in the sky :)

Thanks for the kiss/homage -- ADOREI!

Oh yeah, "chameguento" -- it is a funny word, and not that commonly used either I guess, but my family uses it. Do you use "chamego," though?

Panda said...

I cant watch your video because we cant even get broadband where we live *pouts*.

I had the weirdest dream about you last night. Someone was trying to tell me that you werent a real person but I kept saying "yes she is, I've seen her photo on her blog and she has CHEEKBONES and a magnificent POUT so she must be real".

Ana said...

Just wanted to say I'm fine, just still swamped.
Today is R's 4th birthday so I will post something about it for sure.
Thanks for asking about me.

Serialangel said...

I can't believe the one time I'm up in Manchester, now that I'm 18 and (almost) free as a bird, you come to London! :(

I hope you got my emails for all the second hand shops, I've heard they're delicious.

I've returned to London since (mere days after you've left! *wibble*) and it feels like unfinished business since I never got the chance to see you. Hope the trip went well??
Betty xxx