29 November 2006

Sometimes you're the bird, sometimes you're the windscreen

You can let the thing free-fall or twirl it around with your mouse. Either way it's absolutely mesmerising - and after a very short while you'll feel like you've just given your psyche a much needed respite after all these years. It's quite effective therapy, I can feel the eagles letting go of my liver as I type. The only rotten bit is, the thing truly does not look any dumber as a screensaver than it does IRL, which personally haunts me.

Still a very good one, though.
Wouldn't you say?

NOTE: When you use the mouse to take the thing offscreen and then slam it back as fast as you can there's a very satisfying bounce but alas, no crunch. Still, I hope that somewhere, somehow, it bloody hurts.

10 furballs:

treppenwitz said...

I like the Prometheus reference, although I usually feel more like Sisyphus in my daily life.

Either way, the free-falling Bush was a very pleasant diverswion. Thanks!

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Diana said...

It crunches in my head. And there is screaming. And wretching when he spins at blinding, vertiginous speeds.

Suddenly, I feel better, too.

silene said...

You have made my day. I can hear the crunch in my head, too.

Lioness said...

Hey Treppy! I save Sisyphus for exam season, shocker. All is well, thank you kindly for asking (have I been away that long, really? Have I been that blog-remiss?).

Diana dahling, oh I laughed and laughed, your sound effects have so cheered me up!

Hey Silene, welcome, and you're welcome! I'm so glad it crunches in your head as well, let's all work on that parallel universe together.

brooksba said...

Perfect. I don't imagine a crunch so much as a splat. And that is satisfying as a crunch would be.

CarpeDM said...

I like to think that the balls will suddenly erupt with spikes and pierce him. Pierce him lots. Somewhat like eagles. Enjoyed the Prometheus reference myself.

I found some really good political quotes that I may have to post one of these days.

Panda said...

Why oh why do my comments not appear???

Off to slam the thing in frustration.

noorster said...

It does not crunch in my head! It seems to enjoy it!! Arrgh.

I do get a kick out of squeezing it between the round things and let it get stuck there.

And is it just me, or does it really seem to be panting?

Old Bald Helen said...

Sometimes I'm the bird, sometimes I'm the windscreen. Most of the time, I'm both.

As was the case when I watched the thing fling and hurl from one side to the other: no crunch, no splat, no scream, no pants.

No pants?!

Wait a minute. Am I on the right page?

JoeinVegas said...

No pants?
I tried to get that as my screensaver, alas my company limits such fun. But I did download it at home, and run it too much. Hope the Secret Service doesn't keep track, and come arrest me.