29 October 2006

Pink Panther redux

Hi you lot! *cheery wave*

Still not much to say as it turns out but I needed a change of scenery, couldn't bear the old hunting grounds any longer, too oy. I've brought the oy along, of course, but am hoping all this pink will, well, pinkify it. Fluff it up. Make it a place where I can breathe again above water. This new blog will be a work in progress, v.e.r.y s.l.o.w progress, am rather short on creativity these days - but you took a look around and knew that, yes? I truly do not know what to do with this design or where to even start.

No matter.

Am still not doing the rounds much, I think I need help. Is there any old thing I promised I'd blog abt and didn't? Would you give me grief abt it, please? Maybe emotional blackmail could get my writing arse moving again.

Here are the long-ago promised pics from Barthelona, which show barely any Barthelona at all as I don't really fancy photographing buildings and such:

Gaudi's cathedral from the inside - for Beth and DM, who still talk to me even though I've dropped off the face of the earth. It was a bit of a rip off actually, what you're seeing is almost all there was to see.
Imagine owning a flat in this building! *faint*

On the way to Gaudi's house (the bloke was a religious loony, I didn't know that, his room looked like a cell out of an Opus Dei catalogue). Prickly pears are my favourite fruit EVER, Uzi's dead [Note: kudos to Panda for also noticing this, I did after re-reading it but thought it too appropriate to be corrected.] used to bring loads for us from the fields, your tastebuds have not experienced an orgy till they have been given cold prickly pears to melt upon. In Israel they're called sabras, and so are the Israelis - gorgeously soft on the inside, prickly tough on the outside. Actually, rather nasty on the outside, the tiny, soft thorns will imbed themselves in your palms and are a bloody pain to get out.
Large baby doves, obviously, said travelling mate upon hearing them chirping away. Obviously. All together now: TROWROWROWROW - CITY DWELLAH, SUCCESSFUL FELLAH!!!
Why call it tourist season if we can't shoot them?

And in the meantime, what's been happening with YOU?

PS - Argh!! And so it begins - again. How do I fix the sodding margins so that I have more post space and the formatting doesn't ruin the format?
PPS - Argh Argh! Links don't work now. BLOODY BETA BLOGGER.
PPPS - Links now work BUT fixing margins hasn't helped, must be the photos. Argh argh argh!!!

26 furballs:

Udge said...

Hooray for me, the very first comment on the first post of a new blog!

Nice new home, Johnny, very pink. I hope you'll be happy here.

About the margins: go into Edit template, do Select All and copy the current complete template into a text file just in case!

Look for the section called "#outer-wrapper", its width is 692 pixels, change this to e.g. 750. Look for the section called "#main", its width is 400 pixels, change this to 458.

As far as I could tell on a quick read-through, all other parts of the template are proportional to these two, so everything else should stretch or move to suit.

Look at the preview, make sure it is reasonable, if so save it else cancel and we'll have another look.


Lioness said...

Oh dahling Udge, sei wilkommen! I cannot believe people are still reading - or checking, to put it more accurately. I shall go foraging for a decent template now, fingers crossed, preview hasn't helped me much, it all looked so pretty.

Agent Sierra said...

I miss the RSS feed! (And glad to have you back!)

Manuela said...

Alrighty... a couple things. Pink is good. Pink is very good. And I'm not remotely biased.

Secondly... you photograph SOOO beautifully.. SO beautifully. And that Loverboy chap ain't too homely either.

Thirdly... I want to give you a small prezzie. Something just to so thank you to the universe for having you in my life. Even if only from afar.

Essentially... I'm going to help you create the blog format of your DREAMS... but we'll continue that chat over on gmail, k??

treppenwitz said...

I was wondering what had become of you! :-)

brooksba said...

New blog?!? I do enjoy the pink. If you ever want a banner, I'd be happy to try and make something in Photoshop for you. Because I adore you.

Love the pics of the trip. Am envious over here. DM and I have had a long weekend scrapbooking and she's still knee deep in pics from the trip to visit you. It makes us both nostaglic.

I've been considering going Beta. You'll have to show us how you like it. And I also need to update my links now!

Beijos! Miss you terribly dahling!

Ed said...

I think this blog should carry a sexy photo warning. I made the mistake of enlarging the photo of you in the blue top. And now I have to go and cool down...

The best photo, though, has to be the one of you two together. You just seem to radiate in each other's glow - beautiful.

Old Bald Helen said...

Love the new digs -- (p)in(k)credible!

And yes, RSS please.

Meri-ann said...

Oooh loving the photos and the pink...

Beta blogger tends to suck ass though, I have lost comments more times than I can count- but it certainly won't stop me coming to visit you!! x

paulmonster said...

Am always in favor of new beginnings. Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

light-hearted thunder-loving,


LIONESS said...

AS, hi! Tell me again what bthe RSS feed is and we can continue the conversation. (My nerd-friendly heart is breaking w ignorance) Is it the get blogs sent to you thingy?

Manuela, actually I do not, AT ALL. One day we'll meet in person and you'll see, it takes 30 pics to be able to save 3. Now, re your offer, of course I'll say yes if it gives you pleasure - absolutely. Anything. And thank you! Problem is, I have no inspiration left whatsoever. Seriously, it's all bleak.

Treppy, you and I both. I still am actually :)

Beth dahling, I'd love a banner if I couls think of one, see above. AND, soon it'll be time for you to visit me again! Yes! Every 2 years wasn't it? Not much longer. The weather is lovely, end of October and the Indian Summer has given us 30ºC - or we could be cold, whatever you wish. I miss you too.

Ed - meh. I'll have to post another pic of us where he looks like he'll protrude his jaw and bite my head off and I'm pulling away, it's actually rather funny. Hi!

Old Bald Helen, I LOVE your moniker, reminds me of the Bene Gesserit reverend Mother Helen Gaius (?). But - who are you? Where did you jump from? Hi!

Meri-Ann, really?? Lost comments? How atrocious! Good thing I'm not posting at all these days!

Paul, er, hi. If you could see me wince. Am still hiding, only this time it's not just from you and Dale, it's a general movement. Don't know why. And you're still around, imagine that. I often wonder how you are. Remember that gmail talk? We must repeat soon!

Anonymous said...

still with you.
still curious about anything to be written.

Serialangel said...


I've missed you, I was scared you gave up on writing or something cos then who would I look up to? And who would comment on my blog? (lol!) I'm in manchester (up Northern England, studying phil/pol! I'm doing a friggin essay on Dualism! I'm four hours from London!) and I feel more me than ever you'll be pleased to hear.

Unfortunately I cannot help you on computer stuff because I'm barely able to post entries at the moment. But hey, ask for a photo of clouds or a church and I'm there! I can also be your cheerleader, I love pink.

Hope your well xxxx

Diana said...

It's so fresh and clean! I see what you mean. Brighter. Lighter. A friend went to Barthelona ages ago and brought me a T-shirt of the Gaudi cathedral. I shall have to dig it out and put it on.

Now I shall spend the day lisping my esses. I'll probably end up stabbed by all at work in annoyance. Fitting as it's Halloween.

Nancy said...

Ahh Lioness...

Sometimes it pays to change dens.

You do photograph beautifully.

If you want pictures of some butterflies for your banner, let me know, and I'll send them to Beth.

Old Bald Helen said...

Who am I? Eh, long story. (As I said, I'm old.) But to cut to the relevant part, I'm just another of your faithful though silent readers who checks your blog regularly to make sure you're okay...and to delight in your wit and exquisite manner of expression, of course.

For example, who but the stunningly clever and broadly-read Lioness would connect my moniker with this Helen? I certainly didn't, but now I'll never forget the flattering association. (And while I'm overstaying my welcome, let me add that I love David Lynch's film version of Dune and still find it absolutely beautiful to watch.)

I jumped from the other side of the globe, but it didn't hurt at all.

Finally, RSS is indeed the "get blogs sent to you thingy," to use the scientific term. Makes it easy for me to know when you've updated, so that I can come here and not leave any comments. :-)

P.S. I agree completely with Nancy: You photograph heartbreakingly well.

portuguesa nova said...

Estas volta!

I had a half Portuguese baby. And my sogra got herself a computer, high speed internet and an e-mail address for the specific purpose of giving me tons of unsolicited advice...way to overcome the problem of our spoken-language barrier, dama!!

You have some medical training so I'll pass this on incase it applies to animals too.

Did you know: 90% of everything a baby (and by "a baby", I mean "my baby") does--burping, crying, laughing, blinking, breathing--is a direct result of the digestive problems I have caused her by not laying her on her right side for 10 minutes after I feed her?

CarpeDM said...

Hello, gorgeous! Nice to see you again.

Loved the pictures and yes, very glad that you took some of the cathedral - you know Beth and I would have cried if you didn't.

RSS would be lovely but I'm not fussy. Plus, I have no idea how it works. Let me know if you like beta - I'm intrigued about the categories ability.

Love the pink.

Anonymous said...

Please blog daily. Since I look at you daily, it would be a just reward.

Anonymous said...

Just been to Manuela's....what exactly do you have against the french, or Paris in particular. We don't have GREEN WINE, but you can't have everything......

Kath said...

Dear Lioness, well now THAT's a color I hadn't associated with you! (Bottle green, if you must know.) But still, it's a breath of fresh air, as are your lovely pictures from the Thpanish thenter of lithp.

Loverboy, your nose and you make a lovely threesome. I do declare, you are so easy on the eyes, you are.

Panda said...

Awww holy crap, I sent you a lovely comment yesterday and its not here.

Well, I made excellent comments about the new blog look, thanked you for the lovely pictures because I love Gaudi I do, and I praised your undeniable good looks.

I also wondered if I was the only person to spot the Freudian typo re Uzi and the prickly pears?


deborah said...

The pink? It becomes you.

Manuela said...

Yes, yes... it's very nice and all that you have these new pink digs and that you are both annoyingly gorgeous and such... BUT... this is NO replacement for new entries!

Where in bloody hell ARE you??

chandra said...

gaudi was a creator.. like him/ hate him.. u cant ignore him. in his time, the government rules were changed to accomodate his designs. altho , i am not influenced by him, my works , at times, carry his flavour. .. u will notice it if u visit me :


warm wishes


ps: i liked the soft inside, hard outside bit..

LIONESS said...

Old bald Helen (your moniker still feels like melted poetry in my mouht), you check my blog to see if I'm okay - that is so... so unbelievably amazing of you, so the embodiement of all that is right w the world that you would check on a perfect stranger to see if she's all right. Blogging is a thing of tremendous beuty at times. You'll always welcome, always, commenting or not - and I too LOVE the film as much as the book! Were you the one who left that comment abt my English all that time ago on my Of Blue post?

Portuguesinha e Portuguesão, os meus parabéns! Yey, another Portie, we were getting short on those. And honey, just think abt that big, wide ocean separating you - and be very, very grateful. And write posts abt it so there may be mirth when I return to life.

Dana baby, hi! I'm enjoying beta very much so far, which doesn't mean a thing considering I'm not really back to blogging. The categories, though - make my mouth water just thinking abt it. Oh the freedom of it! Pink IS good isn't it.

Anon, that almost sounds like an insult! Why would you come here every day though?? You poor optimistic person. believe me, wish I could. Maybe soon!

Artblog, nanananana! You're STILL talking abt the green wine? My my, such jealousy...

Oh thweetie, bottle green? It's a truly lovely colour but not for a site of mine!

Panda, you were, I added it to the post. Beijos para ti, para o macaco e para o meu elfo.

Deborah, is that... Scatological Deborah? The one with the scatological offspring Maybée? Either way, thanks, I think so!

Manuela, shut up and read.

Chandra, I thought you were spam at first! I could never ignore him, I like his style too much, bizarre little man that he was. He was needed.